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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What products do you offer? Please see our Products & Services page.
What are your hours? Hours vary by location.  Please see our Contact Us page for the facility nearest you and call for hours.
Isn't all ice the same? Ice is made from the same ingredient, but differences in ice can range from clarity to purity to taste. 
Why should I choose packaged ice? "Refrigerator ice" will often contain mineral deposits, and can trap odors from the freezer giving home made ice that refrigerator taste.  Our water is softened and then charcoal-filtered to assure a clear, clean, fresh tasting product.
What is dry ice? Dry ice is Carbon Dioxide gas in its solid state.  It is -109F and should not be touched with bare hands.  It is not poisonous, but can suffocate if the CO2 gas is not ventilated properly.  It is primarily used for keeping items frozen or to produce a fog like special effect.
How long does dry ice last? Dry ice is best stored in an ice chest or other insulated container. A 20-pound piece of dry ice will last approximately 48 hours when stored in an insulated container.  *Do not store in an air-tight container.
How do I make fog with dry ice? To make a fog effect, place pieces of dry ice in hot water. Twenty pounds of dry ice can produce a small fog effect for about 2 hours.
Do you provide ice carving services? Jack Frost Ice does not provide ice carving services.
How much ice do I need for my party? Approximately two pounds per person over an average evening.
How do I place an order? Please see our Contact Us page for the facility nearest you for phone orders.